Video of the Week | 1




Every day hundreds of viral videos circulate the web. As a Journalism student I spend a lot of my time online, keeping up to date with the current internet trends and topics of discussion.

Ever since I can remember using pocket money for my first Destiny’s Child CD, Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop have been my music genre of choice. Is it too much cringe to say that listening to old Ashanti songs genuinely bring back floods of happy memories of my friends and I making up dance moves in our rooms hahah? Anyway, more onto the topic in hand. I remember vividly hearing Kanye West for the first time. I was around 10 when Through the Wire came on the music channel (a ten year old’s main source of fresh new tunes). After seeing the music video for Touch the Sky I believed for about two years that Kanye West and Pamela Anderson were  married.

Even though I’ve been a fan of Kanye’s music for a long time, I gathered that he was a really private person. Not many interview’s that I’ve watched with him, I feel, have portrayed his personality to his audience successfully. The media love illustrating West as having an aggressive disposition and being a hard edged person.

But yesterday I watched Kanye West on Ellen discussing marriage shaping his personality, being a dad and his new found creative freedom with Adidas. I realised that it just takes one real, genuine person to talk to another about things they have a real passion for, to reveal a different side to their character.

Watch the interview with Ellen here.

Watch Kanye’s full video for Only One via his website here.




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